OGC Standard for Indoor Spatial Information

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If you have any question about IndoorGML, please feel free to contact with one of the following members;

OGC IndoorGML SWG Chair

  • Ki-Joune Li, Pusan National University, South Korea, lik@pnu.edu

OGC IndoorGML SWG Vice-Chairs

  • Jeremy Morley, Ordnance Survey, UK, jeremy.morley@os.uk,
  • Giuseppe Conti, Trilogis, Italy, giuseppe.conti@trilogis.it

OGC IndoorGML SWG editors

  • Jiyeong Lee, University of Seoul, South Korea,jlee@uos.ac.kr
  • Sisi Zlatanova, TU Delft, the Netherlands, S.Zlatanova@tudelft.nl
  • Thomas H. Kolbe, TU Munich, Germany, thomas.kolbe@tum.de
  • Claus Nagel, Virtual City Systems, Germany, cnagel@virtualcitysystems.de
  • Thomas Adolphi, TU Berlin, Germany, thomas.becker@tu-berlin.de