OGC Standard for Indoor Spatial Information

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XML Schema

IndoorGML is composed of two modules; core module and extension module for indoor navigation, which are found at OGC IndoorGML portal site; http://schemas.opengis.net/indoorgml/1.0.


  • [Sept. 17, 2013] IndoorGML and CityGML LoD 4 (Simple House): IndoorGML Core Module, CityGML LoD 4
    This IndoorGML data is semi-automatically derived from the original CityGML data by the CityGML2IndoorGML conversion tool. It contains external references to objects in CityGML data. For more detail information, please contact with BG Kim, Pusan National Univ.


  • [Sept. 21, 2016] Improved JINedit: Open Source (LGPL license) - demo video
  • [Sept. 21, 2016] IndoorGML Viewer: Open Source (MIT license) - WebGL - demo video
  • [Nov. 30, 2015] JINedit - a Java-based INdoorGML editor (core module and navigation module) version 1.0: Open Source (GPL license, http://github.com/STEMLab/JInedit)
  • [May 18, 2014] Sinedt - A simple IndoorGML tool (Core Module - Version 0.9.2): Editing tool for IndoorGML Core module based on blue print image developed by B.G. Kim of Pusan National Univ.